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To become a contributor to the AAT, ULAN, or TGN, please send an email to, subject: Contributions. Give us your name, institutional affiliation, and the types of terminology you wish to contribute. Authorized contributors will be issued a user name and password.

Once you receive a login, to access the online contribution forms please use Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. The interface does not work on Macs.

If you wish to contribute large numbers of records, please go to Contribute to the Getty Vocabularies.

Summary notice about using this online contribution form

The Art & Architecture Thesaurus® (AAT), Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names® (TGN), and Union List of Artist Names® (ULAN) are each a compilation of data from various contributors and various sources. They are supplemented and updated based upon contributions from contributing institutions. The databases are licensed to various institutions, companies, and individuals.

Only data that contains all required fields, complies with the Editorial Guidelines, and is within scope for the vocabulary will be published. The Vocabulary Program will incorporate contributed data that meets these criteria into the merged format of the vocabulary and cite the contributing institution as the source for names/terms that it has contributed.

By contributing data to the vocabulary, the contributor agrees to its contributed data becoming a permanent part of the Art & Architecture Thesaurus®, Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names®, or Union List of Artist Names®, and grants a perpetual, royalty-free license to use the data.

The Getty Vocabulary Program maintains the right to final editorial control over the vocabularies, and reserves the right to refuse data contributions that do not follow the prescribed guidelines and format, are outside the scope of the vocabulary, or otherwise inappropriate for the vocabulary.

By contributing data, the contributor warrants that the contributed data does not infringe any proprietary rights or any statutory copyright, and that contributed material is not offensive or defamatory.

The Getty Vocabulary Program maintains copyright to the compilation of data in the Art & Architecture Thesaurus®, Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names®, and Union List of Artist Names®.

Below is the full agreement for contributions:

Data Contribution and License Agreement

This data contribution and license agreement (the "Agreement") is made and entered into as of the date of its online submission, by and between the J. Paul Getty Trust, a California charitable trust, with its principal place of business at 1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90049 ("Getty"), and you ("Contributing Institution").

WHEREAS, the Getty Research Institute, a program of the Getty, has developed and makes freely available to the public a set of computer reference databases that includes the Union List of Artist Names®; Art & Architecture Thesaurus®; Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names®; the Cultural Objects Name Authority®; and the Getty Iconography Authority™ ("Vocabularies"), which are compilations of data from various sources, supplemented and updated based on new contributions of data; and

WHEREAS, the Contributing Institution is developing or has developed data within the scope of the Vocabularies ("CI Data"), and the Contributing Institution wishes to contribute such CI Data to the Vocabularies.

NOW THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1. The Contributing Institution agrees to supply CI Data in the format indicated in the Getty Vocabularies XML Schemas for Contributions, or other such format as agreed upon with the Getty (including the online form).

2. To the extent copyright exists in CI Data, the Contributing Institution grants to the Getty a perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable license to reproduce, make derivative works from, distribute, publish, display, and/or perform CI Data for the purposes stated herein. The Getty shall hold the copyright in the Vocabularies as compilations.

3. The Contributing Institution acknowledges and agrees that Vocabularies are offered to users under open license terms. The Getty currently uses the Open Data Commons Attribution License v1.0 but reserves the right to change the license at any time.

4. The Getty agrees to incorporate appropriate CI Data into the merged format of the Vocabularies and to cite the Contributing Institution as the source for incorporated names or contributed terms.

5. The Getty maintains final editorial control over the Vocabularies and reserves the right to refuse CI Data if the Getty, in its sole discretion, determines that such CI Data does not follow the guidelines and format indicated in the Vocabularies Editorial Guidelines or is outside the scope of, or otherwise inappropriate for, the Vocabularies.

6. The Getty is under no obligation to maintain the Vocabularies and may discontinue them at any time.

7. The Contributing Institution warrants (i) that the CI Data is within the scope of the Vocabularies, and (ii) that the CI Data does not infringe any personal or proprietary rights or any statutory copyright and is not offensive or defamatory. The Contributing Institution will indemnify and hold harmless the Getty against any and all allegations, claims, and causes of action (whether threatened or pending), costs, fees, and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees), losses, damages, judgments, and liabilities arising from or relating to a breach of the foregoing warranties.


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